so this is blog for a crazy little crafter…..

I am a 30 something with an over active imagination and if I think of it I want to make it then and there, so the hobby started to become bigger, I am still in the early phases and hampered somewhat by the full-time job and mental illness but that is kind of how meebee designs originated.  Craft is therapy to me a chance to loose myself in something and distract myself from the whirlwind going on inside and also keeps me busy and helps with those 100 mile an hour days where I have to be busy, I am often sat in front of the TV (to be so-called relaxing with knitting or embroidery or covered in buttons and beads!!!

so what is meebee designs

Well its a cottage industry really (based near petersfield, hampshire) it started off as a hobby and has grown – my poor husband hasn’t seen the kitchen table (or sitting room table) for a while as it is covered with fabric, beads, craft things or furniture – always a project or two on the go! 

I make cushions, quilts, bespoke upcycles items of furniture, bunting, bags, things with beads, bespoke up-cycled clothing, pin boards/memo boards  … anything really! 

I get struck by an idea of something to try and it doesn’t go away until its made – one of which is bird tables! so watch this space! 

All meebee design products are individual bespoke items and can be designed to fit your requirements and as such it is unlikely that any two items will be identical.

 so if you want to chat to me about something your after either for yourself or as a gift for someone you love (or like a little…well anyone really!!)

So this blog is about crafting and inspiration as well as an honest approach to mental illness and its effects,

I am an advocate for Time to Talk campaign as the stigma around mental health needs to be eradicated it is a serious illness that can have devastating consequences so some of my musings may be hard to read at times (be it gobbledy gook, or emotional) but I hope by sharing my experiences and struggles it may help others. I have discovered that honesty is the best policy.

I am also a faceless stranger to most so if you feel you want to question me on anything i can offer help and advice where possible just get in touch I don’t mind. 

P1000691 - Copy (701x800) cropped-485370_230708347065707_1407171997_n.jpg Key holder P1000709 (800x400) P1000726 557056_10150897528585988_1705774344_n table 2 (453x604)


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