Make Me a Wardrobe-sewing machines

Make Me a Wardrobe-sewing machines

My Make Do and Mend Year

mmaw 4

If you are joining me on the #mmaw2015 challenge, to sew an item of clothing a month, then you may well already have your own sewing machine. But if you don’t (and whether you are doing the challenge or not) then you will probably be on the look-out for one, unless your hand sewing skills are better than mine (not hard!)

Buying a new (or new to you) sewing machine is a Big Thing.
It could cost a lot of money, depending on what you choose.
But more than that.
You want to love your sewing machine.
You want to enjoy sewing on it, and not spend your whole time time cursing it and crying loudly (just me..?!).

If you are in the market for a new sewing machine, then there are some great posts here from the The Sewing Directory, and here from Colleterie on what you…

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Hi my name is Megan-Beth i'm a crazy little crafter full of inspiration but lacking in time!!! i love all things crafty and creative, love vintage, love upcycling..... i live in a lovely village on the edge of the South Downs with my husband and our two crazy doglets...

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