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when will they realise….


The latest Unison Survey brings attention to the worrying statistic that 57.9% of health professionals lack the time to give decent care. The implications of this are far reaching, with worries regarding medical negligence highlighted.

Bolton, UK (PRWEB UK) 10 May 2013

‘57.9% of health professionals lack the time to give decent care’ – Asons Solicitors comment – Watch List News.

I have been a little quiet on the blog front because for a number of reasons mainly that due to the boulders (mainly mental illness & injured hubby shaped boulders) that life has been throwing my way i haven’t been able to think clearly enough to formulate a blog! So why now? Well the boulders are still being thrown and I thought it might help the war of thoughts and emotions in my head to write them down.

My wonderful hubby injured himself playing rugby at the back end of January and we have been struggling to get a proper diagnosis since, it has lead me to Google quite a lot of things (purely to be able to understand a) what gobbledy gook the consultant has just spouted at us and b) what we should expect from the NHS c)what his symptoms point to.

My recent googling brought me up with this quote and article (albeit from a medical negligence solicitors) and it kind of summed up the problems within the NHS.

I want to start by saying that i have utmost respect for our medical profession for the hours they work and the often stressful or upsetting situations they are faced with under ever growing pressure  My grip is with the powers that be who run the NHS and the fact that they seem to have forgotten the principles when the NHS was founded it was to provide healthcare to all under one roof….

“1948 – The NHS is born on July 5

When health secretary Aneurin Bevan opens Park Hospital in Manchester, it is the climax of a hugely ambitious plan to bring good healthcare to all. For the first time, hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, opticians and dentists are brought together under one umbrella organisation to provide services that are free for all at the point of delivery.” NHS Choices

and the original principles it was set up with are still at its core today one of them being that treatment is down to clinical need not means of paying.

Well if it is still a key part of the NHS that treatment is based on clinical need why are our doctors and health professionals driven by targets and money that ends up stopping essential care to some of our most vunerable patients, we often see it with the elderly and more recently we have heard that there are issues with the A&E departments and this is where my dissatisfaction and rant lies.

So enough of a history lesson here is my rant!

At the end of January my husband was rushed to A&E in an ambulance with a suspected broken neck after 3 hours the doctor treating him was told and i quote “Mr M has not been seen by a doctor and he has been here for 3 hours, it is not acceptable” (a point I agree with) but then he carried on to say “And we have a queue so he needs to be seen”. Now I understand that it was a saturday late afternoon and i am sure there were some critical patients in A&E that day but that does not mean that those with potentially life changing injuries should be ignored to keep a target or free a bed. The time in A&E ended shortly after this conversation with the doctor coming over, not checking hubby but saying he needed to make a clinical decision all deduced from an X ray and that he could go home it was just a pulled muscle. well a visit to the GP a day later saw him admitted for further tests again all they were concerned about was the neck and again said it was muscular. 

Well 4 months later we are still waiting for a correct diagnosis and low and behold they think he had a head injury, tests for which in my opinion should have been done the day the injury occurred.  My husband isnt one to be ill or complain but this injury has left him a different person and in so much pain. It seemed to take me crying in front of the consultant yesterday for them to actually take us seriously but now we have to wait for another consultant in another department to see him whilst everyday he gets no better.

So when will the powers that be remember that they are not dealing with numbers they are dealing with peoples lives? this injury has the potential to change our lives and the longer we go on not knowing the less we can make plans and the worse my own issues get. 

The quote I started with makes me sad that due to targets and budgets people like us just become a number and I hope they realise soon that it isn’t privatisation the NHS needs its reorganisation from the TOP as those at the bottom do a sterling job.

We are seeking explanations as to why the correct diagnosis has not yet been found and to discover if the NHS failed us and I think we should all make the powers that be realise their approach needs to change ASAP.

RANT over.

 on a happier front I have been crafting a lot as it is my therapy and who knows it might grow soon which might be our silver lining.