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upcyling is my favourite thing…



So yesterday I was struck by inspiration after a bag of beads and buttons and jewellery bit arrived that I had ordered and these are what I have created so far.  The majority of it has come from old jewellery that had fallen apart or out of favour and it has been given a new lease of life.  That’s why I love upcycling it gives old and unwanted things a new purpose.

I have always had a love of vintage and history and I will be adding some vintage jewellery into the mix once I have got a bit more confident in my ability.  I love the fact that these bits and pieces had a life before, that someone else has used and loved them and they are now  being re-purposed for someone else to love (hopefully).

I also love upcycling because i am a hoarder, I’m one of those that can’t throw things away because it might be useful one day (much to my hubby’s disgust!!) and it might just be that all that hoarding has been worth it! I can always try to find a use for things!!

I am also a skinflint, there are some things I don’t like spending money on especially if I can make it cheaper pick up a piece of furniture up from the tip and turn it into something pretty!

I don’t know where this love of upcycling has come from, my mum and dad are creative but not for revamping old things (although the hoarding comes from them!!) I blame no actually I commend my Parpie (my maternal grandfather) for the tip trawling and not wanting to spend money on things I can get cheaper. For as long as I can remember he has picked things up from the tip or a neighbours skip tidied it up and been proud of it. His first conservatory was a hand me down from a neighbour that he put up himself from scratch.

I have brave days when I throw things out (mostly because I am being nagged) but it is soon replaced.  I must learn that i do not have the space for lots of projects, just do one thing at a time…. and I guess that’s a life lesson too.

I have really enjoyed working on this jewellery and it’s another skill I am learning and it keeps me occupied!

so watch this space for more upcycling projects from meebee designs…




So after my last blog about sewing mends the soul it appears its not just sewing today’s craft therapy is painting and its very much a work in progress…. Inspired by the hopefully soon to be upon us spring and the bulbs blooming in the fireplace I decided to try my hand at some painting again.

Inspirtion struck in the dying hours of yesterday and I did the background last night..must note to self 11pm is chill down time not work time!!!!

Pinterest has become my new best friend as a way to learn we techniques and a central point for keeping ideas as well as being able to share things I like… It is very addictive and although it helps me zone out from other issues it doesn’t help calm down the 100 mile an hour thoughts oops!!!

flowers are always a big theme for me, Mother Nature is amazing and the world around us is full of texture and colour and as the seasons change a whole new world is upon us.

winter is turning to sprung slowly but surely and the delicate green tips are coming up through the frozen ground to end the grey months with a burst of colour and I am brimming with ideas just need the Time and concentration to make them so watch this space!!!!