Monthly Archives: February 2013

Isn’t it funny….


My final thoughts for today is isn’t it funny (well probably not) but has made me chuckle a bit that I use twitter to tweet about how I’m feeling and I’m a lot more honest about my mental health ups and downs.

Is it because most are faceless people who I have never met…. Is it because my parents don’t see it(they are face bookers -mum says to keep tabs with me!!!) and therefore I can hide its depth from them?

Hmmmm I am honest about my issues or at least I think I am yet I choose to share with the wider world more than the close friends….

This could be because I’m not in a good patch right now so don’t want to have to deal with the questions or the sympathy ( which I never want). It could be that I’m scared of the conversations that would ensue.

I do know I am better at giving advice and helping others than myself!!!

Mental illness is like rolling waves and we just have to learn to surf to stay afloat.

Well I’m going to find a movie to fall asleep to so I don’t over analyse this revelation!!!

A step into the unknown…..


Well here it is the first blog post eek! Not sure how or if blogging is a meebee thing it might just end up as random mumblings…… So lets start with me… Meebee a Millar family pet name derived from a drunky bro in law not being able to say megan-beth and it kinda stuck seeing as I’m married to an affectionately named pee (aka Iain)I think it works!!!

I’m slightly crazy although I think the official medical term is mentally ill but crazy suits me better! So my blog may sometimes dip into discussions of depression because I’m not scared of being honest about it any more, those who love me understand and those who walk away because of ignorance weren’t worth it anyway!

I’m creative which is where meebee designs comes into it, it is my little fledgling business which helps with the crazies as it keeps me occupied…. I wasn’t really the best at art deign or textiles at school always liked making things but I never had the patience to make it good or the inspiration but as I have grown older I have turned into a granny nothing makes me happier than sitting by the fire with my knitting!!!! So I knit, and embroider and sew and craft…

Talking of which I am procrastinating I really need to get on with today’s tasks so will attempt to blog again later!